Car locator precise positioning, track playback, risk warning and other functions, can be real-time monitoring of the vehicle, to a large extent to ensure the safety of the vehicle. So how many cold chain temperature monitoring devices does a car generally need to install to ensure the safety of the vehicle? Here is a small edition for you to say.

The number of cold chain temperature monitoring devices installed in a car depends on the object used. If it is a private car, installing one is enough. It is recommended to use the TK116 car locator of [Mobile communication]. Can monitor the condition of the car in real time. Moreover, it also has the function of track playback, remote oil cut-off, remote monitoring, and electronic fence alarm light, which is an important partner of private cars.

If it is a car rental company or car loan company, it is recommended to install two cold chain temperature monitoring devices. One is the TK116 recommended above, and the other is the wireless cold chain temperature monitoring devices -- [mobile communication] GPT12;

Car locator GPT12, built-in 5000mAh high capacity zero self-discharge battery, up to 3 years of standby. Generally, working once a day can ensure that it is not detected by the detector, but also ensure a longer standby time. When an emergency occurs, the platform can start the emergency tracking mode to conduct real-time positioning and tracking.

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